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Whiskey Town® 26-Year-Old American Whiskey

Whiskey Town® 26-Year-Old American Whiskey

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San Francisco, California, during the Gold Rush,
was America’s quintessential “Whiskey Town”.
Its “notorious Barbary Coast had crime, depravity,
and viciousness, yet it possessed more glamour than any other area of vice and iniquity on the American continent.” San Francisco’s expansion and culture was driven by the influx of gold-seekers, the “49ers”, and the hordes of gamblers, thieves, harlots, politicians, and other “felonious parasites” who tagged along and developed a refined taste for California's fine food, spirits, and adventuring.

Fat Labrador Distillers is developing a range of Whiskey Town® mash-bills, including a Rye, a Sweet-feed Bourbon whiskey, beer-based whiskeys, and a range of California-inspired American Whiskeys. We are also finishing whiskey on Oak Staves in San Francisco, and in used Pinot Noir (local Sonoma Coast, Russian River) and Cabernet barrels (from Napa and Sonoma).

Our 26-year old American Whiskey, distilled in Indiana and Rick housed in Kentucky. This is a super smooth majority corn whiskey. We would put this American Whiskey against any from a smooth, easy drinking perspective.

Tasting Notes

Whiskey Town ® 26-Year-Old American Whiskey#1 Lost Barrel Series

• Our first “Lost Barrel” series offering is an extremely rare 26-year old American Whiskey. This exceptional Whiskey has a subtle and smooth flavor that comes with its age as well as a mysterious history.  We don’t know the entire story because the Lost Barrels came to us under a non-disclosure agreement, but this is what we do know: The whiskey was originally mashed, fermented, and distilled in Indiana. It was a special, very limited, experimental run that never reached the market. Consider it a collector's item.

• An extremely rare “Small Batch” release with only 192 bottles in existence

• An American Whiskey. Distilled and Laid Down in Indiana in 199

• Moved to and aged for 26-Years in Kentucky

• 50.5% ABV Cask Strength, 101 proof. Lightly chill filtered

• Made from 97% corn, 3% barley

• Aged in used American Oak barrels

• Lost the majority of their contents to the angels

Tasting Notes:

• An Extremely light, elegant and nuanced American Whiskey, not overwhelmed by the Oak of the barrels.  Smooth drinking w/o a strong distillate flavor

Nose: Dried dark fruits - raisins & figs, combined with walnuts, almonds, and coffee

Taste/Palate: Vanilla & Caramel, with brown sugar and honey

Finish: Leathery dark chocolate

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